Black Crusade: Torestus


The Story Thus Far…

United by the dubious invitation from the Tzeentchian Cult Leader Renkard Copax, the Heretics set sail on the Bulk Freighter, “Edge of Ruination”. It is three weeks after when the space near Kymerus being torn open with a warp rift, spewing foul glare and substances of the warp into real space and the Freighter itself. Achieving orbit around the blasted barren planet of Kymerus. Besides the breathable air, Kymerus contains few features that encourage life. Landers are deployed with our heretics arriving at Port Carrion Corpse without incident.

Upon arrival the heretics are lead by Elika the Seer to the docking gate, where she informs the heretics she will be on her way to the Temple of Lies to announce their arrival. Later on, a ragged man in his forties came introduced himself to the heretics as Theon, and that he has, under orders from His Highness Copax, arranged accommodation for the Heretics as they await their summons. Three half-machine lobotomized servitors appear next to Theon’s barge, loading the Heretics’s luggage into the barge.

The heretics were lead to Hab Area, constructed with fragments from the original crash that is the Temple of Lies today. The first night after the heretics settled in, they are challenged by the Khorne cultist who calls himself the Disciple of Crox (Crox). Crox roams the wastelands of Kymerus seeking for worthy challenges to satiate the Blood Lust of his Chaos God. the heretics answered the blood challenge from Crox, wielding a two-handed chain axe. Crox might be a mere human, but his physique is blessed by his dedication to Khorne. standing 2 meters tall, Crox can easily match the strength of any line & file troopers of the Adeptus Astartes. A fierce honour duel between the champion? and Crox ensues, when ?Vincent? eventually grew impatient. Detecting a pause in Crox’s furry of melee, ?Vincent? unloaded a full volley of shells from his Autocannon at Crox, slamming his pale skull into a bloodbath of bone and blood and filth. Even beheaded, Crox last shout is heard in miles around the compound. News of Crox’s demise at the deviousness of the heretics travels fast, the group also made an enemy in the Chaos God Khorne.

Over the following days, the heretics toured many parts of the temple of lies, sprawling libraries of heretical texts and chaos artifacts. The heretics made an acquaintance in Otick, who owns a half-track made from the chasis of on of the wrecked Chimera APCs he traded in from the Markt. Otick is hired to be the personal ferry for the heretics and he proves to be an excellent source of information, from Otick the heretics has learned that Carrion Corpse is home to 200 souls and has raised his concerns on the motives behind their invitation.

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